An eleven-day operation to capture stray dogs

A stray dog ​​capture operation will be carried out in Quimper (Finistère) between March 28 and April 8. The objective is to protect both the animals and the population, as each municipality has an obligation in terms of straying animals, indicates The Telegram. The agents in charge of the interventions will concentrate their efforts on certain sites, such as the surroundings of schools or parks.

Nuisances and dangers

Captured dogs will be taken to the Corniguel pound. To be considered as wandering, they must be out of the supervision of their master but also out of earshot of the latter. These animals are likely to cause accidents or nuisances of all types for the inhabitants.

Once at the pound, the animals can be picked up by their owners. They will also be notified if their dog is tattooed. After eight days, unclaimed animals will be handed over to the local SPA.

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