an expanded security perimeter after the slaughter of thousands of poultry

Thus, in addition to the six municipalities where the virus was detected, 39 are now in a “protection zone” (read below). The protection zone applies when a farm is located less than 3 kilometers from the outbreak, leading to drastic biosecurity measures such as animal confinement and regular visits by veterinary services to carry out analyses.


In the process, a “surveillance zone” (10 km around an outbreak), and an “additional restricted area” (20 kilometers around an outbreak) were updated by State services involving a total of 200 municipalities. In these 200 municipalities, the introduction, exit, movement, transport and placement of poultry, captive birds and eggs are prohibited. “Herders can no longer work. These slaughter and sanitary protocols are inadmissible”, reacts Pascal Béteille, president of the Rural Coordination 47, who describes an agricultural world helpless in the face of such measures. “A lot of farmers are stunned. We will meet soon, and think about what we can do. »

45 municipalities in “protection zone”

Allemans-du-Dropt, Roumagne, Monflanquin, Lacépède, Tourliac, Frespech, Auradou, Beaugas, Boudy-de-Beauregard, Bourran, Cambes, Cancon, Casseneuil, Castelnaud-de-Gratecambe, Castillonnès, Douzains, Lafitte-sur-Lot, Lalandusse, Lauzun, Lédat, Lougratte, Massels, Massoulès, Miramont, Montauriol, Montaut, Monteton, Moulinet, Moustier, Pailloles, Parranquet, Pinel-Hauterive, Prayssas, Puysserampion, Rayet, Saint-Colomb-de-Lauzun, Saint-Eutrope- de-Born, Saint-Maurice-de-Lestapel, Saint-Pastour, Saint-Salvy, Saint-Sardos, La Sauvetat-du-Dropt, La Sauvetat-sur-Lède, Ségalas, Sérignac-Péboudou.

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