An idea of ​​Blues with dog

St. Louis Blues opponents will have a little less luck visiting the penalty box at the Enterprise Center, as every visit to the penalty box by a visiting team player will mean a $100 donation to a dog foundation.

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The Missouri organization has pushed the term “dog house” – literally “dog house” – one of the nicknames given to the penalty box in English. The team announced a partnership with pet food company Purina, which will donate up to $15,000 to local businesses for the cause.

“During a hockey game, there are times when players get too excited or play too aggressively and they need to take a break. At Purina, the two cornerstones of positive reinforcement are redirecting inappropriate behavior and ending on a positive note, ” Purina Vice President of Brand Christina Lawrence said in a statement Thursday.

The money collected will be used to train dogs to help people with tasks or simply to give them the comfort they need.

A good ambassador

The Blues didn’t have to look far to find the perfect ambassador for this new partnership. Barclay, the team’s official four-legged friend, will play a key role. The dog delivered by the company St. Louis Duo Dogs were the first to join a full-time professional sports team in March 2021.

Barclay joined the Blues family in 2018 when he was just a puppy. Three years later, he rejoined the group to accompany the players in their various off-ice activities, including hospital visits. He is also present at games to help calm children or adults with autism as well as ex-military personnel who have difficulty coping with noise and lights at the Enterprise Center.

Beyond the cause, this partnership will make it possible to advise owners on behavior to be displayed in the presence of their pets. The Blues will also launch the Blue Note Pets Club, a subscription system that provides access to pet privileges, including exclusive access to Purina experts.

“Purina Doghouse represents a unique opportunity to provide enthusiasts with tips to help them with their pets at home. We are working to make the power of animal positivity even more accessible to members of society who need it most,” concluded Christina Lawrence.

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