An insurance company estimates that the Apple Watch increases physical activity by 51%

icon apple watchWith its Apple Watch, Apple has always had the goal of getting you moving. For this, the Californian giant has set up rings to complete, challenges to complete and trophies to win. Apple’s strategy seems to be working since users of the popular connected watch are more likely to exercise than those who do not yet have it on their wrist.

Exercise with
Apple Watch

According to a detailed report by health insurance company AIA Australia, people over the age of 50 with an Apple Watch are 51% more likely to engage in physical activity than those without the Apple Watch.
When we look at the statistics for all AIA Australia customers, we realize that the owners of the Apple Watch do 35% more sports than those who have not yet purchased the connected watch.

Because a person who is in good health and does daily or regular physical activity is less likely to encounter health problems, the insurance company launched the AIA Vitality program. It is an iOS application that retrieves all your data transmitted by the Apple Watch. Every week, health insurance sets goals (as Apple could do with the Fitness app) with key benefits for users who have moved the most during the week.

apple watch sport

At the end of the weekly calculation, the most motivated can win 5 dollars in credit on Uber, Uber Eats, on the iTunes Store and the App Store, on the Google Play Store… It is also possible to make a donation of this sum to an association such as Cancer Coucil, Black Dog Institute, Diabetes Australia or Young Care.
For customers who take the competition very seriouslya AppleWatch is up for grabs every month.

Thanks to this additional incentive for Apple Watch owners, the health insurance company has seen a dramatic increase in 18% physical activity in all age groups. Some take the opportunity to run outside, to go on long hikes with the family, to follow exercises from their home on Apple Fitness+…

This strategy of the AIA group is beneficial for the short and long term since customers are encouraged to play sports and therefore reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes…
Today, AIA Vitality counts 400,000 attendees who participate every day to increase their personal score to win gifts from partners and win an Apple Watch!


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