an investigation opened after the disappearance of a husky, the mayor involved?

A walk in the forest of Bérelles, as Chloé Williame and her friend regularly do on Saturday mornings, with their dogs, two huskies. ” We don’t keep them on a leash, because they’re not mean, we got them from the SPA. They are rather fearfulexplains the owner of Pouchka. We wouldn’t if we didn’t trust them. The dogs run off into a field, as they sometimes do.

But after five minutes, not seeing them return, Chloé Williame and her friend are worried and decide to go to the heart of the village, shouting the names of their animals. Only answer, white hairs on barbed wire. If the second returns, Pouchka remains untraceable. Calls are made on social networks to try to find herwhile research continues.

Neighbors testified

Around 6 p.m., a person calls me to tell me that my dog ​​was killed by his neighbor, in front of his eyes.. The latter happens to be Orféo Rigoni, the mayor of Bérelles, 77 years old. This one, seeing the dogs enter his garden, would have, according to neighbors, fired a first shot with a gun, then would have gone to get another one and would have fired two bullets in Pouchka. ” They say he put the body in a bag, and he left with it.. »

With her spouse Victor Delepine, the Jeumontoise goes there. In front of her, Mr. Rigoni confirms that he fired well to scare the animals away, but that he neither killed nor hit Pouchka.For me, it is as if a member of my family had been killed. And we don’t have the body, it’s impossible to grieve. The witnesses are shocked, the other female dog toocontinues Chloé Williame. Pushka never barked. She was very playful, but never harmed other animals or humans. We were going to celebrate its 3 years. »

The couple approached various associations, to support them in the procedures, and launched a kitty. Indeed, both have filed a complaint against Orféo Rigoni, who was heard this Monday by the gendarmerie of Solre-le-Château. An investigation has been opened by the Avesnes-sur-Helpe prosecutor’s office. In the absence of a body, the veterinary investigation is for the moment compromised. She could be one of the keys to this case.

The mayor of Bérelles denies having killed Pouchka, the networks are racing

The main suspect is called Orféo Rigoni. The Bérellois is none other than the mayor of the town. In other words, the subject is sensitive in the eyes of the authorities, as indicated by a source familiar with the matter. The 77-year-old confirms that he shot the dogs well. ” Both attacked my flock of sheep. With my son-in-law, we tried to scare them away with a stick, but it didn’t work. So I went to get my shotgun. ” It’s there that ” three or four
cartridges would have gone towards the dogs. ” I managed to scare them. I think I hit one, but I must have hurt it slightly since it left afterwards. For me it was stray dogs. Everything is closed in my house. If I hadn’t been there, he could have done a lot of damage. »

Orféo Rigoni therefore denies having killed Pouchka and having concealed the body, as certain witnesses would have indicated. ” I’m not on good terms with these people “Simply indicates the chosen one. Who says his sheep rushed into the pond on his land. ” Two of them will certainly lose their lamb, a third is wounded in the shoulder. We are awaiting the return of the vet. But what else could I have done? Heard by the gendarmerie, Orféo Rigoni is now waiting for the rest, and has made an appointment with a lawyer.

Networks get involved

As with any drama involving an animal, social media is abuzz over Pushka’s death. ” I read insanities said about me… There are calls for murder breathes Orfeo Rigoni. Always presumed to be innocent when announcing a possible trial, he suffered many insults. There is no question of filing a complaint on his side. ” I am for peace. I don’t want to make things worse. But serenity must return. This excitement was noted by the police, who want to be cautious on the file.

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