An octogenarian learns of her own death by receiving a letter from Health Insurance

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Learning of his death by the mail of a national body when one is alive and well can be shocking for an elderly person. Yet this is what Concetta Magrino, 82, a resident of Deux-Sèvres experienced. The mission now is to prove that she is still alive.

For the nicknamed Cosette Monday, February 14 will go down in history. His visiting daughter was stunned when she opened the mail. To protect her 82-year-old mother from the shock to come, she warns her: “Mom, sit down!”.

The resident of Fressines, near Niort therefore learns of her death in a letter from the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) of Deux-Sèvres. She preferred to take it with humor: “Look at me, I’m still alive,” she told our colleagues from Ouest-France. “I guess they didn’t do it on purpose… But it’s still a bit strong.”

Bringing Cosette back to life

Although the news made the family laugh at first, the resulting administrative consequences are problematic. The retiree declared dead in the eyes of the state has lost her health coverage. His entourage is very worried and hopes that the situation will be resolved as soon as possible. Suffering from diabetes and having a low income, she cannot afford to pay for her medication. They very quickly asked the town hall of Fressines to issue a “certificate of life” for the CPAM of 79. Concetta says she is lucky to be well surrounded and to be able to count on her family, otherwise the ordeal would have been much harder to overcome.

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