an owner leaves his dogs without water, food or care

The man will be tried at the Rouen Police Court on Tuesday April 12, 2022, for acts of ill-treatment, deprivation of care and non-identification of dogs. He risks a fine of up to 750 euros and a ban on keeping an animal.

A year that he left his dogs, almost abandoned in his garden in Yvetot, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime). Lack of water, food and care, this owner cared more about his shitzu since the death of his wife in 2020. For these acts of animal abuse, the man will be tried at the Rouen police court on Tuesday April 12, 2022.

The alert is first launched by a neighbor. Following this report, the association for the defense of animals Stéphane Lamart, recognized as being of public utility, appointed one of its investigators on March 8, 2021. On the spot, the specialist, accompanied by the gendarmerie, discovers two dogs in a state of advanced thinness with parasites and unkept glued hair.

They live in a garden filled with excrement and urine, have neither water containers nor kibble and sleep on the ground, without baskets or blankets.

Stéphane Lamart, president of the association

Worse, the investigator also discovers the body of a dog in the garden. He is immediately evacuated by a veterinarian. The autopsy reveals a 40 cm long piece of tissue in his stomach.

According to the veterinarian, the obstruction caused by the foreign body in the stomach, as well as the malnutrition and lack of care probably indirectly caused the death of the animal.

On the decision of the prosecutor, the gendarmerie immediately seized the 2 dogs and entrusted them to the Stéphane Lamart association. The owner, for his part, gives up the dogs without remorse, and specifies that he no longer has time to take care of them since the death of his wife.

Since then, Loulou and Bezot, aged 5 to 8, have been doing well. They were taken in by a foster family and regained confidence in the man. “They are always looking for tenderness and affection”, underlines Stéphane Lamart.

However, the association wanted to become a civil party and file a complaint against the owner.

For these acts of mistreatment, deprivation of care and non-identification of dogs, the man risks a fine of up to 750 euros and a ban on owning an animal.

Because of the solidity of the file: certificate of the veterinarian, photos, autopsy, confessions of the owner etc Stéphane Lamart says he is “confident”. “I don’t see how justice could relax the individual, it’s unthinkable!” He exclaims. But he regrets the weakness of the sanctions provided for.

The defendant cannot deny the degradation of his dogs and he let one die, it is an act of cruelty. But justice is still too lenient in these cases. It all depends on the sensitivity of the magistrate towards the animal cause.

Judgment will be delivered tomorrow afternoon or reserved. The host family said they were ready to keep the 2 shitzu with them.

A new law, enacted in November 2021, plans to toughen the penalties for animal abuse up to five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros in the event of the death of the animal.

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