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The Medical Premium 2 is the patrimonial savings contract proposed since autumn 2020 by the network of La Médicale general agents aimed at its medical and paramedical health professional customers. Designed in partnership with life insurer Spirica (Crédit Agricole Assurances Group), La Médicale Premium 2 is a multi-support multi-manager contract benefiting from next-generation investment and feature solutions. As a result, La Médicale Premium 2 benefits and will continue to benefit from Spirica’s ongoing development and enrichment of its offerings.

In order to respond to the wish of certain savers to be able to diversify their savings beyond funds in euros without having to take care of this management on a daily basis, La Médicale Premium 2 offers, beyond traditional free management with a fund in euros, two innovative systems :

  • of the driven management (“management under collective mandate”) with two different approaches:
    • a “maximum loss acceptable by the investor over a rolling year” type approach developed with the Active Asset Allocation (AAA) robo advisor,
    • a more traditional approach with management profis proposed by Morningstar,
  • a innovative investment vehicle, the Croissance Allocation Long Terme (ALT) fund developed by Spirica operating on the principle:
    • of launch each year of a new generation of funds with an 8-year maturity (for example: December 31, 2030 for an investment on June 15, 2022),
    • of one maturity guarantee for the client of 80% of the capital invested.

Main advantages of La Médicale Premium 2

  • Contract benefiting from full functionalities in asset savings:
    • a partially guaranteed euro funds (98% per year) making it possible to obtain a potentially increased return, with a rate served net of fees and gross of social security contributions of 1.65% in 2021,
    • a internal fundLong-Term Allocation Growth (ALT) offering a return prospect at a maturity of 8 years, with a guarantee of 80% of the capital invested at this maturity, for which the financial performance net of fees and gross of social contributions was 4 .88% in 2021,
    • of the saver hand free managementwith :
      • 117 heritage units of account classics from 55 management companies different: Fidelity, Edmond de Rothschild, Pictet, BlackRock, DNCA Finance, etc.
      • 28 SCPI, SCI/SC/SCP, OPCI,
      • 1 FCPR,
      • 1 free saver hand arbitration per calendar year,
      • 4 financial management options saver’s hand:
        • Progressive investment,
        • Securing of latent capital gains,
        • Limitation of relative capital losses,
        • Automatic savings rebalancing,
      • of the driven management (“management under collective mandate”) with:
        • 3 mandates offered by the Active Asset Allocation (AAA) robo advisor operating in a “risk budget” logici.e. maximum loss accepted by the investor:
          • Profile AAA Piano (defensive) with a maximum risk-taking of 8% per rolling year (2021 performance: +0.28%),
          • Profile AAA Mezzo (balanced) with a maximum risk-taking of 15% per rolling year (2021 performance: +2.41%),
          • Profile AAA Strong (dynamic) with maximum risk-taking of 20% per rolling year (2021 performance: +5.26%),
        • 2 mandates proposed by Morningstar corresponding more to management profiles:
          • Heritage advice: balanced management profile (2021 performance: +1.79%),
          • Investment advice: dynamic management profile (2021 performance: +11.60%),
        • Contract offering a wide range of real estate supportsthis having been further extended since April 15, 2022:
          • 12 REITs: Primovie, Immorente, PF Grand Paris…
          • 8 SC, SCP, SCI: Capimmo, Novaxia’R, Conviction Immobilière, etc.
          • 8 OPCIs: Opcimmo Vie, Dynapierre, Premium, etc.
        • Contract offering a excellent accessibility for the investor:
          • Subscription possible from €100 initial paymentsubject to the implementation of scheduled monthly payments of at least €100 per month,
          • Possibility of making free management arbitrations from €150,
          • Possible access to each of the managed management offers from €500 per profile,
        • Multi-pocket contractwhich means that the saver can freely associate within the same contract:
          • of the free management at his hand,
          • one or more managed management profiles,
          • with the possibility to arbitrate from one to the other at any time according to his wishes.

Main disadvantages of La Médicale Premium 2

  • Pricing for optional managed management up to 0.60% additional management fees per year on the units of account concerned.
  • Pricing of arbitrations at the initiative of the investor in free management up to 0.60% of the sums transferred, emphasizing however:
    • that it benefits fromone free arbitration per calendar year Firstly,
    • and that the maximum fees charged in arbitration are capped at €300 on the other hand.
  • Pricing of the optional floor guarantee in the event of death increasing from 50 to 55 years old, remembering nevertheless that the customer is free to subscribe to it and that any invoicing only takes place when the supports are in a situation of latent loss.

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