Analysis by Good Value for Money of the temporary death Easy Prév’ of the Asac Fapes Association

Easy Prév’ is the “term death (TPDC)” or “death capital” insurance contract proposed by Association Asac.

Distributed by Fapes DiffusionEasy Prév’ is accessible to everyone:

  • so much to current members of the Asac Associationin particular via its “flagship” Epargne Retraite 2 Plus contract,
  • thatto any individual (for example: a father or a mother) wishing to protect his relatives (husband/wife, children…) in case of death or of total and irreversible loss of autonomy (PTIA).

Easy Prév’ is subscribed by the Association Asac with Allianz Life insurer.

In concrete terms, Easy Prév’ makes it possible to secure your loved ones by providing for the payment of a capital, or even an education annuity to all or some of his children:

  • in case we die,
  • Where in the one where you would find yourself in a situation of total and irreversible permanent disability (PTIA).

Beyond the strengths specific to Easy Prév’, The subscription of a life insurance contract has several advantages :

  • the paid-in capital (or even the education pension for the children) is fixed in a lump sumwhich means that there will be no deduction of what could also be paid elsewhere,
  • the paid-in capital (or even the education allowance for children) comes in additionif applicable, of what could be paid as pension guarantees from which employees benefit,
  • the paid-in capital in the event of death is totally exempt from any inheritance taxbecause we are in the situation of life insurance.

Easy Prév’ presents a following features :

  • The insured can opt for the guaranteed capital of their choice between €10,000 and €400,000 (per €10,000) in the event of death or PTIA.
  • Alternatively or cumulatively, the insured can also select an education annuity guarantee in the event of death or total and irreversible loss of autonomy (PTIA) for a amount between €1,000 and €10,000 (per €1,000) per child per yearwith a maximum annual pension guarantee of €30,000 for all the children thus covered.
  • As with any provident policy, subscribing to Easy Prév’ goes through a medical acceptance procedure. The person wishing to take out insurance must therefore complete a state of health questionnaire and agree to carry out a series of additional medical examinations (medical report, medical examination, cardiological assessment), if necessary depending on their age, the amount of guaranteed capital and his state of health. The entire medical acceptance procedure is carried out under the authority of a medical consultant and is subject to a strict medical secrecy.
  • Easy Prév’ provides differentiated rates according to “smoker” or “non-smoker” status of the member; it is a common market practice, because the medical risk is not the same depending on whether you smoke or not. In order to avoid any situation of non-guarantee (or partial guarantee) in the event of death or PTIA, it is highly recommended not to lie about your state of health or about the fact that you smoke or not.
  • The Easy Prév’ fee schedule provides for a rate change every five years in the “young” ages, then every three to two years beyond. This is a usual operation in the field of individual pensions.
  • The member may designate as beneficiary any natural or legal person of their choice in the event of death or PTIA, both at the time of joining and afterwards by private deed or by authentic deed. The change of beneficiary(ies) during the life of the contract is possible, subject to the absence of an accepting beneficiary.

It is interesting to note thatEasy Prév’ can be taken out to cover a mortgage and thereby constitute borrower insurance.

Easy Prév’ allows you to optionally subscribe to a doubling of the guaranteed capital in the event of accidental death, with uniform pricing limited to €4.36 annual subscription for additional capital of €10,000.

Main advantages of Easy Prév’

  • Excellent price competitiveness of the contractGood Value for Money under a tariff advantage of 25% to 28% depending on the case compared to its market benchmark.
  • Possibility of guaranteeing capital up to €200,000 to his loved ones with a simple health questionnaire for people aged under 50 at subscription.
  • Existence of a possibility of doubling the capital guaranteed in case of accidental death.
  • Tariff reduction of – 10% in the event of simultaneous membership of the two members of a couple married or civil partnership.
  • Absence of exclusion for risky professional activities (policeman, cash courier, etc.).

Main disadvantages of Easy Prév’

  • Exclusion of muscular or osteo-articular diseasesas well as neurological or psychiatric illnesses diagnosed before subscription of the contract.
  • Absence of optional annual indexation mechanism (according to an index) of the guaranteed capital in the event of death or of PTIA.
  • Maximum age of 70 years for a cover death benefit and of 62 years old for coverage in total and irreversible loss of autonomy (PTIA).

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