Anti-sanitary pass lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio leaves public life

“I will go back to doing what I love more than anything: taking care of my daughter and her horses! In a few weeks, I will sell my shares held in my firm and I will take the much desired seashore! “Adds Didier Raoult’s lawyer further.

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His departure comes following his website, where complaints against the health pass were collected, which would cost him too much. At the same time, he ironically thanks “ [ses] critics of [lui] to have made it possible to rush a project which [lui] cared about”.

In response to his tweets, Internet users are wondering about the merits of this sudden announcement, while a few hours earlier, he was still sharing a long interview with the YouTube channel of the magazine Valeurs Actuelles. Moreover, he tweeted again this Wednesday on one of his associates preparing an appeal against the health pass for adolescents.

Didier Raoult’s lawyer

Fabrice Di Vizio is a lawyer specializing in public health who became known to the general public following his outings against vaccination and the health pass. He is the source of more than 16,500 complaints before the Court of Justice of the Republic and the Collective of Physicians (C19) which led to the indictment of the former Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn for “implementing danger to others ”and searches at Olivier Véran, Édouard Philippe or Sibeth Ndiaye. He also spoke on Saturday during the anti-pass demonstrations by the founder of the Les Patriotes party, Florian Philippot.

According to information from the franceinfo site, another reason could explain this withdrawal: the Council of the Order has opened an ethics investigation for its actions on TV sets, in demonstrations, on social networks and also with its customers. Customer complaints have been received by the council. Following an investigation, the sanction, if any, could go as far as disbarment from the bar.

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