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The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase

The council of Didier Raoult, who justifies this decision by the exorbitant cost of the website of his association “of resistance through knowledge”, is targeted by an ethical investigation by the council of the order of the Paris bar.

A last demonstration and then leaves. The lawyer specializing in health law, darling of the antivax movements, Fabrice Di Vizio announced Tuesday, in a series of tweets, that he was retiring from public life. “I will go back to doing what I love more than anything: taking care of my daughter and her horses! In a few weeks, I will sell my shares held in my firm and I will hang out so much desired! he tweeted. Chance or simple coincidence: the next day, France Info learned that Didier Raoult’s lawyer is targeted by an ethics investigation by the Paris Bar Council. It is the lawyer’s behavior on television, in demonstrations and on social networks that would make the bar association cough. Complaints from disgruntled customers have also reportedly been received by the council.

Quoted by BFMTV, Di Vizio, however, disputes any link between his announcement of withdrawal and the complaint of his colleagues. Also health referent of the party Les Patriotes de Florian Philippot, the lawyer explains on Twitter that it is the cost of the website of the Association for information and defense of public and environmental health (ADSPE) that he created which motivates his decision. “Because the system no longer allows it and updating the site is too expensive for us! We did what we could! The association will be dissolved next week, its premises having already been subject to an abbreviated notice. I have no interest in maintaining a structure that costs us so much money,” he develops. On its website, the ADSPE defines itself as being “an organization dedicated to resistance through knowledge” by providing whoever wants “accompaniment and the legal tools of resistance”.

Diatribes against health management

By announcing his withdrawal from public life, Fabrice Di Vizio thus puts an end to long months of hypermediatization. On the set of Do not touch My TV – program that he was to join as a columnist –, news channels or in anti-pass demonstrations, the lawyer, by his rants pushed with his rattling voice, had established himself as one of the main standard bearer of the antivax movement, like Didier Raoult whom he defends. Di Vizio also continued his diatribes against the government’s health crisis management during long lives broadcast on his social networks like this day in July when he announced with a serious air “the third day of the rest of our life […]the third day of the new world» while Emmanuel Macron had just announced compulsory vaccination for caregivers and the expansion of the health pass. Opposed to the latter, he therefore had to participate in the first issue of Do not touch My TV of the season from outside the duplex premises. A great TV moment…

But, before leaving to leave the media scene for good, Fabrice Di Vizio has already announced that he will participate one last time in a demonstration against the “health dictatorship” on Saturday next to his friend Florian Philippot. And to a last live on Twitch this Wednesday evening.


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