Seized by the mother to stop the sedation protocol for Jules, a thirty-year-old victim of a very serious stroke, following 15 years of medication for schizophrenia, and for whom, according to his father, every cough was ” equivalent to a scalpel blow in his bronchi”, the one who also defends the Marseille infectious disease specialist Didier Raoult immediately asked for the procedure to be blocked.

Before posting a video on social networks in which he discusses the case, explaining that the patient’s condition is due to his vaccination against Covid-19. While the last injection had taken place more than four months before his death. “It’s not me who says it’s a side effect of the vaccine, it’s the medical team who says it,” he says facing the camera to his many conspiratorial and antivax subscribers.

A strange defense

Fabrice Di Vizio would then have called the hospital and had the procedure blocked for two weeks, until an ethics committee meeting which finally authorized it. And this despite the reversal of the part of Jules’ family initially opposed to the abduction of his suffering, and who tried in vain to contact him to put an end to the procedure. “Di Vizio extended my son’s ordeal,” the father told Le Canard enchaîné.

Confronted with Jules’ sister and father on the set of Cyril Hanouna, and confronted with his contradictions, the lawyer, after taking refuge behind his vision of professional secrecy, affirmed that the person to whom he was referring in his video was actually not Jules, but another man of the same age, in the exact same situation and on the same day…