Antonio Conte’s sensational new media release

Linked to Tottenham until June 2023, Antonio Conte should not go through with his contract. Or else a miracle will have happened. Indeed, since he landed at the Spurs, the Italian has above all distinguished himself by his statements against his leaders. He began by criticizing the lack of ambition of his leaders during the last winter transfer window, before tackling the overall level of his team.

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But yesterday, Conte again turned a corner. After the defeat conceded by Tottenham on the ground of Burnley (0-1), a setback leaving the Spurs in 8th place in the Premier League standings, the Transalpine made it clear that he was ready to pack up if the need arises. felt it. “I came here to help the club and if the problem comes from the coach, I’m ready to leave, no problem. (…) I am not used to this situation. I try everything, but the situation does not change. I am available and open with the club to do what the club wants.he said, before adding.

Tale at the end of the line

“I want to help the club, I work a lot, I work very hard. I give 20 hours a day to Tottenham and the other four hours I sleep, but it’s not enough. The performance may be good and the entry was good, but we lost. For me, the situation is unacceptable. Losing four of the last five games is a disaster for Tottenham. I came to try to improve the situation. Maybe right now I’m not so good at improving the situation. I’m too honest to close my eyes and go on like this. Of course we have to talk and have a conversation with the club to try to find the best solution to help the team. This is a good time to take stock. I repeat, I am really frustrated”.

Taking stock while there are still three months of competition, the timing chosen by Conte is surprising. Is the Italian looking to get fired? No one knows yet if he will finish the season, but one thing is certain: he gives the impression of doing everything to force his bosses to put an end to his adventure. “In the last five games we play as if we are fighting against relegation. It is reality. Maybe there is something wrong. I want to take responsibility. I am open to all decisions. I have ambition, I hate to lose. It’s not fair to pay me right now. I want to help Tottenham, from day one, but four defeats out of five… This is the first time in my life that this kind of situation has happened. » On good terms…

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