Apolline de Malherbe has fun with the dog “LR member” Douglas on Twitter

While Russia has begun to invade Ukraine, the Covid-19 pandemic is still present, weather disasters follow one another, poverty increases, a dog manages to bring a bit of good humor. Certainly at the expense of the Republicans, since it is Douglas, who would have voted in the Primary of the party, according to a long investigation by Release. And like any celebrity in 2022, the canine therefore has an account Twitter where he is already very active.

He does not hesitate to ask Valérie Pécresse, elected during this famous primary today tainted by accusations of fraud, to let him its place in the presidential race or even for mayors of him to agree their sponsorships “with the paw raised”. And he also invites himself on TV sets, especially on the show of journalist Apolline de Malherbe… who answered him.

And why not

“Tomorrow I will be the guest of Apolline de Malherbe for the morning show of BFMTV. I will respond to accusations against me that claim I am not a true member,” the @DouglasPecresse account read. “I beg your pardon?! “, at answered the journalist, amused.

If he presents himself as the “president of the collective Les Chiens avec Pécresse”, Douglas still specifies in his bio that it is a “parody account”. More than 28,000 twittos adhere in any case to his humor for the moment. On the other hand, Valérie Pécresse laughs much less and denounces a “grotesque manipulation of destabilization” following the publication of the daily investigation.

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