Apple Business Essentials is here, soon a Google Workspace integration

Last year, Apple announced that it was developing a whole suite of new features aimed at small businesses. Until now, however, it was necessary to register for the beta version to take advantage of it. But a recent press release from the publisher has just announced that the final version is finally available.

Only downside: only residents of United States can take advantage of it (but there are always tricks to circumvent this limit) and nothing has been communicated as to a possible date of deployment in France or in the rest of Europe. To this is added a second unknown, concerning the release date of an integration with the Google Workspace service also just announced.

To connect more easily

According to Apple, this collaboration between the two offers should allow users to create their account more easily using identifiers already registered with the competition. Moreover, Alphabet is not the only partner for the occasion, since Microsoft Azure Active Directory is also supported. For Workspace, we will have to wait: Apple is only talking about an arrival β€œlater” to “springβ€œ, without saying more.

Tools for the whole team at a reasonable price

Unlike the pricing of its equipment, Apple does not have a habit of overcharging its packages. The price of Business Essentials therefore remains quite affordable starting at $2.99 ​​per month and per user with 2 TB of storage included on iCloud. By choosing the AppleCare+ option, the amount rises to $9.99 per month per user.

Apple Business Essentials allows a manager to monitor all of the applications installed on the various machines in his IT infrastructure. On macOS not only, but also for iPads and iPhones. Among the advantages of the offer, we find the possibility of configuring each device, ofonboard its employees more quickly or to make backups of the system periodically for security.

With AppleCare+ included, Cupertino guarantees 24/7 customer service, with the added bonus of technicians who can travel to the company’s offices if a repair is necessary. We are still far from France, where only in-store appointments are accepted. And again: you have to book several days in advance. - Official App – Official App

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