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April Fool’s Day: zoom on the best jokes of the day cat and dog edition!

April 1st is always a great opportunity to have a few jokes with family and friends!

The animals show a lot of affection, loyalty and also often… A lot of humor! This day of April 1 is therefore an opportunity to honor them.

He pretends to have a sore leg… but not for walks!

The Hairy pooch has found the ideal parade to be cuddled: he pretends to have an injured paw. That way, he knows he will be even more spoiled at home. But when his master tells him that he won’t be able to go for a walk in this state, suddenly, the doggie has no more pain at all and walks like normal!

Watch out for the cat in the fridge!

It’s hard to know if it’s the cat or the master who made a joke… But this cat got into the habit of helping himself from his master’s fridge a priori, and this one made him a small dedicated sign: “Pay attention to the cat’s paw before closing the fridge”

A prank for every photo

Sparky was adopted by his master Kennedy Simmons. He has a habit of pranking his daddy to ruin all the pictures. Very slowly, he begins to slide his body down when his daddy carries him in a photo. When the flash goes off, the doggie is completely twisted in the photo, as if he had “melted”! Just see:

Or his way of smiling which reminds us of the character of Sid from The Ice Age :

The cat joins the brigade

This time it was the gendarmes of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence who made a joke to motorists for April 1st! They posted a post on Facebook to educate motorists on the road. In the photo they shared, we see the gendarmes who are accompanied by a cat during a speed check on a departmental road. The post of the cat and the gendarmes was very successful and has been shared many times! This is of course a joke, which has the merit of massively spreading the message of road safety.

Come on, one last joke for the road. To get into this, we can say that this cat had a “pot”:

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