Eleven o’clock, leaving an unpleasant meeting at the office. And there, in the middle of the open space, your super silky pet is waiting for you, ready to jump into your arms to put a smile on your face. It may be the dream of every owner of dogs, cats and other furballs: to be able to strut around the office with their pets. One thing is certain: Robert, your Labrador, will have all the qualities to entertain the gallery and make you forget all the inner tensions. For several months, communities such as Grenoble or Nice have also authorized certain agents to bring back their animals. The city of Paris is now thinking about it.

And you, would you like to come to the office with your pet? Do you think he would be able to adjust to corporate life and fit in? Have you ever taken it to work? If you don’t have an animal but you love them, do you think it would be an opportunity to play with a friendly little beast? Are you afraid it will distract you? Conversely, do you hate animals and prefer not to see your open space turn into a dog park? Maybe you are allergic? Tell us everything!