Argenteuil. Arm wrestling between the municipality and the circus Lydia Zavatta

The Lydia Zavatta circus has communicated on its performances at the Parc des Berges from April 16 to 24 inclusive, but the town hall ensures that they have settled illegally and that it is doing everything to make them leave. (©Bertrand Guay)

On the night of Monday (April 11) to Tuesday, a circus with animalsto which the City of Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise) had refused the installation, “forced the gates of the park of the banks, setting up illegally”, indicates the town hall of Argenteuil, on its Facebook account.

An elected official taken to task

“Following this installation, an attempt at dialogue was initiated. Unfortunately, an elected official was taken to task and insulted. A complaint was naturally filed”

City of Argenteuil

The circus Lydia Zavatta, on her facebook account, assures us that it is the elected official in question “who disrespected us”.

The bank party compromised

“This illegal invasion unfortunately compromises the organization of the Fête des berges, a major traditional, family and free event, which is to take place on 1er next May and welcomes more than 15,000 visitors every year”, underlines the town hall, which, “faced with this situation, has initiated all the actions, in particular legal, allowing to put an end to this illicit occupation. »

The circus claims to be in good standing and protests against the refusal of installations by the town halls

The Lydia-Zavatta circus explains for its part that it is “a business in good standing, with charges to be paid” and that its animals “are very well treated”.

He also claims to have “warned the mayor of [son] arrival” and having made a statement to the prefecture.

The circus protests against the refusals of installation ordered by the municipalities.

“We are helped by the government, Mr. Darmanin, as well as the Ministry of Culture, so that we can continue our profession without suffering incessant and invalid refusals from the town halls”.

Circus Lydia Zavatta

The park closed until further notice

The town hall explains for its part that it has taken the decision to close the park on the banks until further notice, for security reasons.

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The City of Argenteuil says it “regrets the image given to the circus world by this company.
Vigilant in respecting animal welfare and the law, it undertakes all the necessary steps with the authorities in order to make the park accessible to all as quickly as possible. We are doing everything we can to ensure that the Fête des berges can take place in order to meet the expectations of Argenteuil residents and our associations. »

The circus Lydia Zavatta ensures for its part that it will be gone on Monday April 25 “before your annual party”, he writes, addressing the municipality. “The park of the banks will be returned in the state such as we found it”. He also specifies that he has provided places, in recent years, to the Ccas “in order to distribute them to underprivileged children in the city”.

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