Arnaut Danjuma, Villarreal’s cador ready to rock Juventus!

“The Champions League is the best club competition in the world, so I think it’s something that helps bring out the best in me: the higher the hurdle, the more you want to prove yourself. I can’t explain the feeling you get when you walk on the pitch and hear the music of the Champions League, you get goosebumps. You know the whole world is watching you and you want to take action”. Here is what Arnaut Danjuma (25) said in an interview with brand just 24 hours from hosting Juventus Turin in the knockout stages of the Champions League. Strong, symbolic words, above all reflecting all the determination and ambition of the Dutch striker from Les Groguets. And for good reason, a few hours before entering the lawn of the Estadio de la Cerámica, the child of Lagos is one, if not the number one danger for the band at Massimiliano Allegri.

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Landed last summer from Bournemouth against a check for 24 million euros, Arnaut Danjuma adapted very quickly to his new environment in eastern Spain and more particularly in the province of Castellón. Under the leadership of former PSG coach Unai Emery, the left winger then gradually established himself as a driving force in the Groguets attack. Author of 12 goals and 3 assists in 21 matches in all competitions since his arrival, the Dutch international (5 caps, 2 goals) is distinguished by skill with both feet, above-average technique but above all liveliness. devastating. With a strong temperament and a remarkable sense of goal, he has, as such, the best expected goal ratio (penalties excluded) in the whole of La Liga. Something to delight the fans of Villarreal, currently in sixth position in the Spanish championship and only three points behind FC Barcelona.

Talent and temperament!

Perfectly acclimatized, Arnaut Danjuma is therefore logically expected as one of Villarreal’s main attacking assets against the Turinese and can count on his supporters, already won over by the talent of his striker. “When you arrive at a new club, you have to meet the fans and they have to know you too. That’s why it’s great to be warmly welcomed at the club, not only off the pitch but also inside the stadium, and we can feel their energy. Although we don’t have the biggest stadium in LaLiga, it shows that we have a twelfth man on the pitch with the fans.”underlined the person concerned before thanking the whole club for the confidence granted: “my teammates and Unai made me feel at home very quickly, they gave me a warm welcome. It meant that I didn’t need a lot of time to adjust, really. The club owners and everyone at Villarreal did the right thing. On the contrary, I have always put a lot of pressure on myself because the club has invested a lot of money in me, which causes a situation where I need to perform constantly. I always want to win and give my best.”.

Author of a hat-trick against the Rojiblancos, on Saturday at the start of the afternoon, Arnaut Danjuma has, in this sense, once again proven that he is ready to carry his people towards the craziest ambitions, such as that assumed by the player himself “Win the Champions League”. However, it is clear that these last few months have not been a long calm river for the former Cherries striker. Injured in the right ankle, as several times in the past, the number 15 of Villarreal thus missed two months of competition between December and January last. A painful episode which has, moreover, brought to light the very particular temperament of the man who has just celebrated his 25th birthday. Absent from training, Danjuma especially refused to be treated by the doctors of the yellow submarine, preferring to spend this period of rehabilitation in England and then leaving his employer in a gray area. “He’s a special boy. He goes at his own pace, he has his way of life. He went to get treatment wherever he wanted because that’s how the stars of world football do it.summed up the journalist Javi Mata recently, on Vila Real Radio.

Arnaut Danjuma bursts the screen in the Champions League!

A tense situation even pushing the leaders of Groguets to consider leaving during the last winter transfer window, which is moreover at a time when Danjuma himself recognizes that Villarreal is only a springboard in his career. In vain. A time coveted by Liverpool – finally deciding to offer Luis Diaz – the Batavian did not pack up, and this, to the delight of the Valencian club. Back in the group at the beginning of February when his attacking partner Gerard Moreno had just been injured, the one who culminates at 1m78 has therefore resumed his good old habits: those of scaring the defenses and punishing the opponent at the slightest opportunity. . Sparkling in La Liga, Danjuma is just as much, if not more so, in the Champions League. Author of four goals and an assist during the group stage, his performances largely contributed to the yellow submarine finishing second in group F, just behind Manchester United, and thus joining the round of 16. Forgotten injury, aborted departure, Arnaut Danjuma now intends to make up for lost time by guiding Villarreal to victory against Juventus.

“We like to have the ball and develop a lot of football, we know that at some point in the game we will have chances, we know the quality of our players and we know everyone’s movements. That’s the most important thing, not to change the way we play, to keep our DNA, not to get nervous. I think the experience of the rest of the group after winning the Europa League is huge because I think playing a tournament is different from playing in the league. The context is different, the matches are different, it’s a two-way match.thus warned the Dutchman in brandbefore definitively launching this European clash by sending a direct message to his future direct opponent: “It’s clear that Matthijs de Ligt is a good player, but I’ll take care of making it difficult for him”. The Old Lady has been warned, Mr. Danjuma is indeed back.

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