Arrested in the Hérault, without a license, without insurance and above all, in total overload


On December 11, the Hérault gendarmes arrested a driver with multiple hats. And law enforcement was alerted by its more than prominent cargo.

With 380 kg overload, this motorist was clearly not in good standing. But this is not the only point on which the gendarmes had a word to say.

In effect, the driver in question was driving without a driver’s license and without insurance. Finally, the icing on the cake, his tires were completely smooth.

And his journey was not a simple home-work but an epic. Because yes, he had just been driving all night from the Yvelines. His goal ? The port of Valencia, in Spain, to reach Algeria.
Only here, in such conditions, the police obviously did not let him go back on the road.

You have to regularize

Before being sent home to await a criminal penalty, the motorist was asked to regularize his situation. He must therefore find insurance but also a car that can accommodate his cargo without being overloaded. And finally, find his driver’s license, if he has one.

As much to tell you that his trip to Algeria may well be postponed for quite a while. For their part, the gendarmes shared this atypical control on their Facebook page.

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