Assises: “The principle of loyalty has not been respected”, denounces the Advocate General

The representative of the public prosecutor’s office complained of not having received the documents in the file filed by the defense of Francine Genicot on Tuesday at the end of the hearing, which prevents him from arguing in relation to these documents. “The principle of loyalty has not been respected and I ask you to dismiss the documents”, required the general counsel.

The defense filed medical documents proving that, at the time of the events, Francine Genicot suffered from back pain and was therefore unable to oppose the violence exerted by Johnny Falise. The idea is probably to plead irresistible duress. “Either we suspend the trial while waiting for the forensic doctor to give his opinion, or the court dismisses these documents”, declared the Advocate General who admits not having the medical knowledge to speak on these documents.

The lawyers for the civil parties, who are ready to begin the pleadings, believe that they have shown enough flexibility in the context of the serenity of the debates. “To say that the principle of loyalty was not respected is an understatement. I am convinced that we could have quickly found a printer”, declared Me Brocca who also asked for the separation of the documents, which were communicated by computer way quite late. The Advocate General was unable to open certain documents.

Me Eddy Kiaku replied that these documents had been filed in September 2019, which had escaped him and his colleague, Me Avagian. “We just wanted to update the situation.”

The exhibits have been dismissed and the incident is closed, the president said.

Tuesday evening, the defense of Francine Genicot also asked the subsidiary question of non-assistance to person in danger, to the main questions of guilt.

The defense of Johnny Falise posed the question of the violence having caused death without intention to give it, alternatively to the question of the murder.

The pleadings will be able to begin in Mons.

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