Assizes Hainaut: Johnny Falise’s lawyer pleads extenuating circumstances

Johnny Falise has been detained on remand for three years, he has never been released, unlike Francine Genicot, his former companion recognized as co-author of the offenses, except for computer fraud.

Me Puccini maintains that the clean criminal record of his client, aged 49, is a mitigating circumstance, as is his confession “which is the beginning of the amendment”. The lawyer continued his argument by emphasizing the effects of alcohol and cocaine on the behavior of his client and of human beings in general. There, too, he finds an attenuating circumstance.

Johnny Falise’s life course is also a mitigating circumstance for his defense. “His mother, an alcoholic, raised him on whiskey. At the age of 14, his father left for France and had no contact with his son for six years. paternal that he began to drink alcohol. Before his majority, Johnny left the family home and went on an adventure. He became a father at 19 and reproduced what he had experienced, not taking care of her child, then of the following ones”.

The lawyer thinks that his client, by attacking his stepfather, “made a transfer”, wanting to attack his own father.

Finally, the lawyer believes that his client should never have met Francine Genicot because “they pulled each other down”. Quoting a TV show, he considers that their compatibility rate was less than 10%. However, for several years, the couple maintained a toxic relationship, bathed in alcohol and cocaine. To finance their addictions, the couple was given funds by the victims, whose accounts were emptied on paydays.

“I have the feeling that he is not irrecoverable. To condemn him to life is to leave him in the middle of the ocean”, concluded Me Puccini who says he believes in the redemption of Johnny Falise.

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