Astrology: which cat is made for you according to your sign? You must adopt it!

There is a cat for each of us. At each sign, his cat. We often adopt them because we can’t resist them, because they give us so much that we can’t live without them. Sometimes the injustice of life takes them away from us, always too soon, but we cannot resign ourselves: we need them! Know that depending on your sign, there is a cat that is made for you. Aries, your cat is Abyssinian. He is like you: hyperactive! Curious, you will even have the opportunity to take it everywhere with you! Taurus, homebody and calm, the Chartreux will offer you beautiful years of tenderness! A whimsical Gemini, the Scottish Gold looks like you: he loves the unknown and will be truly fulfilled by your side. The Truc angora is made for Cancerians. Indeed, this cat will receive all the love in the world from the hands of his master and does not ask for more. Lion, your cat is obviously the Main Coon. This royal and majestic cat will fit like a glove in your decor and near you. Virgo, you should ask about the Ratgold. This long-haired cat likes order and well-organized things.

The cat you need, according to your sign!

Libra, the oriental cat will love spending time with you. Very attached to his master, he will be of precious support to you during hours of spleen. Scorpio, a Persian will know how to pierce your mysteries, but you are not likely to pierce his! Like you, under his shell of king of the world, he is very sensitive. Sagittarius, adventurer at heart, how about pampering a Bengal? He looks like you like two drops of water with his taste for adventure!

Bengal cat for the Sagittarius adventurer!

Capricorn, your sign will no longer be able to do without a Russian Blue. Homebody, shy, relaxed, he will be the best companion in life. Aquarius, you are independent and the Savannah is too. Both of you will be able to respect your living space without taking your eyes off each other. Pisces, the Sacred Birman, this magnificent majestic cat will be in perfect osmosis with you. Indeed, he only has eyes for his master. Be careful, you risk adopting a real pot of glue!

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