“At first she was understanding, but one day…”

It’s difficult to confine your cat to the sole perimeter of the garden… Felines like to roam freely in their neighborhood.

In Amay, however, the free movement of cats is a problem. Tommy Berben, an Amaytois, residing rue de Biber, is in conflict with his neighbor on this subject.

“I have three cats. They are sterilized and cared for, but I can’t stop them from leaving the garden. They even climb the highest fences… My neighbor complains because she hears them walking on her roof and finds droppings…”

To repel the cats, the neighbor installed an ultrasound device in her property. This type of device can be sold in supermarkets to keep martens away.

>> Tommy claims to be greatly inconvenienced by this device: “It is a very high-pitched and repetitive sound. »

>> The Amaytois tried to discuss with his neighbor: “At first, she was understanding. But someday… “


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