at the Friends of the Beasts refuge in Médis, “if it continues like this, we will overflow! »

In 2020, the Médis refuge welcomed 507 animals compared to 742 in 2021. At the start of the pandemic, the number of adoptions had increased significantly. The joy was only short-lived as the abandonments immediately resumed. “A perverse effect” which would have made animals “collateral victims of the health crisis”. “With the lockdown, everyone was padlocked at home. But when you had an animal, you could go out without special permission. So, in 2020, we had a lot of adoptions. When I see the situation today, I tell myself that maybe it was not for the right reasons., regret Bruno Zanatta.

The new residents of the refuge are recovering as well as possible from their trip and their emotions.

The new residents of the refuge are recovering as well as possible from their trip and their emotions.


We change animals like we change bicycles.

And most of the time, the reasons go beyond the health crisis, he laments. “I have the impression that it’s the world of consumption that is like that. Previously, we bought something that lasted a long time. This is no longer the case. For the animal, it is the same thing. We change animals like we change bicycles, if I may say so. »

Unfortunately, the animals are not the only ones to suffer from the situation. For shelters, it’s the same story, especially from a financial point of view. Bruno Zanatta mentions veterinary costs which have increased from 25,000 euros in 2020 to 30,000 in 2021. He is considering some 40,000 euros for 2022.

Paid daycare

Aid is received from Cara (Royan Atlantique urban community) and the town halls of the 33 municipalities, but it remains to be seen whether they will be sufficient to guarantee the proper functioning of the structure. In any case, a slight increase was felt compared to 2021. “I received responses from four out of 33 town halls. got a raise”, rejoices the president.

The shelter does not skimp on the means either. His solution to fight against abandonment: a paid daycare system for dogs and cats. “There are some who want to go on vacation and others who want to breathe a little. We try to relieve them of this burden for a fortnight, three weeks or a month if necessary., he explains.

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