attacked by a gorilla, the animal did not survive, “unfortunately we arrived too late”

“We arrived too late,” explained Tim Bouts, zoological director and head of the park’s caretakers, to our colleagues from RTL Info. “Fito pretended to attack Navibu to provoke him. The incident took place between the indoor and outdoor enclosure. Wanting to defend itself, the gorilla attacked and bit the male Mangabey”.

Faced with the gorilla one meter tall and weighing more than 100 kg, the little monkey had no chance.

Three Mangabeys and a group of three gorillas had been living together for a few days, however, without any concern. “As in all modern zoos, we try to put different species in the same enclosure. These two species are used to living together. Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens when you work with the living”.

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According to Tim Bouts, it is important to have different species live together in the same enclosure in order to improve their development and well-being.

For now, the female Mangabey and her baby have been moved to another enclosure.


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