Avian flu: a new case in Aveyron, new control areas

The highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAI), subtype H5N1, was confirmed by the ANSES laboratory on May 17, on a vulture found dead in a nest in the town of Veyreau in the Aveyron.

For several weeks, Aveyron has been affected by avian flu. After the discovery of two outbreaks, in a farm in Vezins-de-Lévezou where 14,000 ducks were slaughtered and another in the town of Sénergues, the prefecture has just set up a new regulated control zone after the discovery of the virus on a vulture found dead in a nest on the Veyreau.

To prevent the spread of the virus, the prefect of Lozère and the prefect of Aveyron have set up a temporary control zone (ZCT) with a radius of 5 km around the place of discovery of the infected vulture. The purpose of this ZCT is to protect the birds of professional farms and individuals. It is not intended to regulate the living conditions of vultures.

These municipalities that enter the regulated zone

Sanitary measures and restrictions on the movement of poultry and other kept birds and their products have thus been defined by prefectural decree for a minimum period of 21 days. The objective is to avoid the transmission of the disease from wildlife to kept birds (poultry farms, backyards, ornamental birds) by the strict application of biosecurity measures in farms and by sheltered in a building or outside protected from captive birds. For Aveyron, the entire territory of the following municipalities is concerned by the regulated zone (ZCT): Mostuejouls, Peyreleau, Saint-André-de-Vezines and Veyreau.

As a reminder, the consumption of meat, foie gras and eggs, and more generally of any poultry-based food product, does not present any risk for humans.

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