Aywaille: a swimming pool to relax with your dog

Aqua-Dog, a rehabilitation and leisure center for dogs, opened its doors in January in Aywaille. Its originality? This is a pool in which masters and dogs can swim together, just for fun.

A cafeteria, showers, a pool… At first glance, the center looks like a normal swimming pool. Its concept? A swimming pool in which masters and dogs can swim together. For fun, to familiarize the dog with water or for exercise and rehabilitation, when the dog needs it. “It allows him to do exercises“, says Isabelle Hartert, mistress of Tiago. “He can also relax, it’s another activity.

In the pool, the water has been designed to allow them to make the most of their session. Chlorine is replaced by salt to avoid allergies and skin problems in some dogs, the water goes through a double filtration system and is kept at 28°C. “It’s more to please the master“, laughs Benoit Marchal, the founder of Aqua-Dog.

To avoid conflicts, it’s only one dog at a time… Unless they already know each other.

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