Bad surprise for Henri after having paid his hospitalization insurance at the DKV for 25 years: “It’s stupidity”

Henri Ceyssens paid his hospitalization insurance for 25 years. He explains in the columns of the Belang van Limburg that

“In 1996, I took out hospitalization insurance with the NVS. In 1998, this Antwerp company, and therefore also my file, was taken over by the DKV”, explains Henri. In 2006, the Belgian started having hip problems and saw a specialist at the hospital in Sint-Truiden. He was told he would not be operated on, as he was still too young. “I informed the DKV that one day I would need a new hip. And that day has come, but now comes the problem,” laments Henri.

Henri says that the DKV now points to a rule in his contract, stipulating that his hips are excluded. ” It’s beautiful. I paid my bills for 26 years at DKV, assuming I would get help if needed. But apparently the policy was written by someone at DKV head office, who was unaware of our agreements. It’s stupidity, ”laments the Belgian.

Fortunately for Henri, the Belang van Limburg contacted the DKV, who will review his contract: “I have already received a phone call saying that DKV will reconsider the decision, and that I will fall well under the conditions of the NVS policy. This means that I have to take a double room instead of a single one and my hip operation will be reimbursed”, explains Henri.


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