Balbucam, season 7: a little osprey was born in Mardié this morning!

The eye of the Balbucam keeps watch, in the forest of Orléans! Seven seasons already that the webcam installed by the association Mardiéval watches every minute of the day of the magnificent birds of prey. This year, the female Sylva and the male Reza are back. They have been nesting there since 2017…

On April 10, Sylva laid her first egg. Then a second on April 13, and a third on April 16… Since then, the couple had been brooding and observers were watching. Particularly worried to see the couple of ospreys disturbed by the various motorized vehicles circulating in the area… But the brooding seems to have finally gone well: more than a month later, this Tuesday, May 18, shortly after 8 a.m., the first raptor baby was born. A chick that seems to be in great shape, and to whom the attentive parents gave a first bite around 9:20 a.m.

The address to watch the little family live:

Also note, a “Balbu party” is planned for May 22. Exhibitions, games for children, discovery trail, birdsong, country snack will be on the program.

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Practice. Balbu Fête, at the meadow of the mount (coast of the Loire), 738 rue du Mont, in Mardié. Registration required by email to [email protected]

Maude Milekovic


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