Bardot accuses Zemmour of “contemptuous indifference” to the animal cause


published on Monday, February 21, 2022 at 10:46 p.m.

The actress accuses the candidate of Reconquest! to be in favor of hunting. “I will never oppose our traditions to the wonderful bond between man and animal,” replied the polemicist on Twitter.

Brigitte Bardot breaks the silence to call to order Eric Zemmour. In a press release published on February 21 on her Twitter account, the French actress accuses the far-right candidate of “contemptuous indifference“with regard to animal suffering. Brigitte Bardot had however confided that the candidacy of Éric Zemmour would be “very beautiful thing for France”, in an interview published in the weekly Valeurs Actuelles in August 2021.

The open letter follows remarks made by Eric Zemmour on hunting. “I will sanctuary the practice of hunting and fishing as constituent elements of our cultural heritage”, he promised during his meeting in Saulieu, Saturday February 12. The candidate had even declared that the hunt for glue was “nothing cruel”.

“Deeply shocked”

Words that “destroyed” the defender of the animal cause. “I am deeply shocked by the unbearable words you have uttered regarding animals,” she wrote. She continues: “This contemptuous indifference that you have vis-à-vis their intolerable suffering, I return it to you, hoping that it will make you change your mind, because only fools do not change your mind”.

In her message to Eric Zemmour, the actress, who has had a long-standing connection with the National Front, affirms that the former columnist is unable to arouse the adhesion of the French. “One heart dry and indifferent to suffering whether human or animal cannot save France, nor be its President. To err is human, but the deep seriousness of your words is not.

The polemicist answered him in the evening. “I will never oppose our traditions to the marvelous bond between man and animal. Without our peasants, our fishermen, our rural people, who would preserve our biodiversity? I fight animal abuse: I will always be on the side of nature lovers”, he assured on Twitter.

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