Bella, the dog who bit her paw to free herself from where she was tied, is rescued

There are stories of abused dogs that are heartbreaking. One of them is that of Bella, a dog who has had a past filled with abuse; she lived tied to steel cables at the back of her house. In a desperate act to get out of this place because they weren’t providing her with food or water, she bit her paw to free herself.

Thanks to people who helped her out of this terrible place where she was kept imprisoned and malnourished, she managed to recover, but only with three legs.

Bella, the dog who bit her paw to free herself from where she was tied, is rescued

According to a statement from the Best Friend Humane Society, Bella’s owner left her outside his home in the Michigan, United States. The dog was left alone, without food, without water and without hope. As she remained attached to two cables, she could not even get food.

Weeks passed during which this dog was waiting for only one thing: a miracle. One person managed to hear Bella’s cries for help and intervened, discovering a truly tragic scene.

“Going into the backyard and seeing Bella so distraught that day was heartbreaking beyond belief”, remembers Desireean officer with the Saginaw County Animal Protection and Control Department.

What struck vets and caregivers the most was that she was wagging her tail, didn’t look sad and wasn’t violent despite the situation. Bella’s owner has been found and charges brought have been engaged.

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Bella was safe, the owner relinquished custody of the shelter, and Bella began to envision a new life. She has also adapted well to life on three legs.

The dog stayed at the Saginaw County Animal Care and Control Center and then went to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to receive more love, attention and adoption.

While transporting her from Michigan to Utah in the United States was no easy task, Bella’s story won the hearts of many well-wishers who helped sponsor the trip.

A life full of happiness for Bella

At the Best Friend sanctuary, she was very well received. It didn’t take long for the dog to spark people’s interest, as a couple showed up at the shelter.

According to People, Kim Diehl and Jason Reding, from Rockport, Illinois, this couple visited Best Friends in February, hoping to adopt a new dog after they had just lost their older Pitbull. But as soon as they met Bella and her sad past, they knew they would choose her.

“We brought her with us. She is so energetic and has such a bubbly personality. We learned to love him even more,” the couple told People.

Finally, Bella found the family she so longed for and hoped for. Today she has a dream life, where she receives lots of love and has learned to live with her three little paws, leaving all suffering in the past.

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