Best Google Chrome Extensions To Speed ​​Up And Improve Browsing

Browse the web with Google Chrome can be both painful and awesome at the same time. If you’re having trouble, maybe a few extensions can fix it, extensions designed to improve the browsing experience.

Google Chrome embraced extensions soon after its first appearance, eventually making the web browser a worthy competitor to Firefox. At first, the extensions were not so powerful, but eventually that changed, and now the browser has become one of the must-have web browsers for browsing the Internet.

Chrome extensions to speed up and improve the browsing experience

Chrome extensions to speed up and improve the browsing experience

There are several extensions that aren’t necessary if you’re not interested in switching from Chrome. For example, Xmarks is not needed because Chrome has a built-in bookmark sync feature. With this feature, users can access their bookmarks wherever they use Chrome. Whether on desktop or mobile, their bookmarks will follow them.

Let’s get down to business and talk about the best Google Chrome extensions to improve your life on the web:

1] best browser – for chrome: Firefox users will know this extension as FasterFirefox. This extension aims to improve your web searches. If a user wants to know the meaning of a word, just highlight it and watch the definition appear before your eyes. It’s like magic, but more practical.

On Google search, an infinite scroll function is integrated. Users will no longer have to click next to visit the second or third page, just keep scrolling until what you are looking for is revealed.

There are more features to be found with a better browser – for Chrome, so head over to the extension page to check it out.

2] food: After the death of Google Reader, thousands of refugees took to the streets in search of a new home. Many reached out, but Feedly was the one that most old Google Reader users were interested in.

This extension is all about having your feed under one roof where it can be viewed quite easily.

We like that the icon shows the number of unread stories in the feed, so users are always informed.

3] Crowd: If you’re reading this, you’re a regular web user, and as such, you must love sharing things on social media. If you really are that type of person, then Crowdfire is the extension for you. When it comes to posting to Twitter and Instagram, this extension is the boss. Users can post whatever they want at once, and they can even set a time limit.

crowd fire

It’s quite impressive, and intuitive too.

4] save in pocket: You are browsing the web and came across an interesting article on The Windows Club. However, you don’t have much time to waste as your robot date is waiting outside on his fire-breathing DragonShark. Don’t worry, it is possible to save the article to read it later with Save to Pocket.

The extension is now an important aspect of Firefox, so you know it’s worth it.

Also leave us your recommendations.

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Do more extensions slow down Chrome?

Yes, they do. Each extension has its own way of providing functionality, and if they often interrupt or connect to the internet when you load the page, it will end up slowing down the experience. The best way to prevent the Chrome extension from slowing down the experience is to only install what is necessary and download it from a trusted source. Raw extensions are known to slow down the browser.


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