Beware of these fake health insurance text messages

For several months, an SMS scam has done a lot of damage. Millions of French people have received a message inviting them to update their Vitale card, or to renew it. This time, the scammers go further by directly calling their victims, reports France info.

On the SMS sent, a link is indicated to proceed with the renewal of the Vitale card. By clicking on it, a site resembling that of the Health Insurance appears. Several pieces of information are then requested from the victims, in particular the address for sending the new document. But, for this, it is worth paying a small amount. Except that by entering their banking information, the victims offer them to the hackers. And they just have to use it.

The crooks pretend to be bankers

This scam would be the second most widespread in France according to the government platform in charge of assistance to victims of cyber-maliciousness. “They asked me for my bank details and to pay 84 cents. After that I had no further news. I told myself that I should have been much more vigilant, ”one of the victims told our colleagues. Her bank, alerted by suspicious transfers, fortunately for her, blocked these transfers.

The thugs now go even further, by calling the victims and pretending to be their banker, explains Jean-Jacques Latour, the director of expertise for the victim assistance platform By “announcing to him fraud on his bank card, the victim is put in confidence. She will be able to give in to the various manipulations that the cybercriminal will make her do, ”explains the director.

No paid update

As a reminder, the Health Insurance does not send any message to ask to update a Vitale card. This action is possible thanks to specific terminals, notably available in pharmacies. This is a free service, which cannot be done online.

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