Béziers: with all his confidence, Jean-Michel Canal reopens his nightclub

On December 6, the government announced the closure of nightclubs. A blow for establishments that had already closed for 18 months. This Wednesday, February 16 is synonymous with reopening.

Good things come to those who wait for. This Wednesday, February 16, nightclubs can (finally) reopen their doors after two months of inactivity. If the announcement of yet another closure had surprised them to say the least, Jean-Michel Canal, manager of the oldest Biterrois night establishment, Le 2, had kept his insurance from the start.

I knew it wouldn’t last long. And then, after 18 months of complete closure during the 1st confinement, two months more or less, that’s nothing. We relativize more easily“.

During these two months I was almost bored

The hardest thing for him was keeping busy. The one who has run Le 2 for 30 years had completely renovated his establishment for a year and a half in 2020-2021 had not planned to close, and therefore to have so much free time.

I went out to see friends, I did some social stuff. But when you’re used to working in the night world, the days are long when you have to close your store. I’m used to getting very little sleep after all. My typical days start at 10 a.m. and end around 7 a.m. During these two months I was almost bored“, he smiles.

For its reopening, the director of the establishment has chosen not to organize a special evening. “I know very well that it will work the same way as when we reopened last July. That is to say very strong. So I didn’t plan anything. And then I didn’t even need it, since this week, from Thursday to Sunday, we are already fullhe says. Again this morning I accepted a reservation for thirty people on Saturday“.

The world comes to him

Even before the pandemic, Jean-Michel Canal never really had the need to organize themed evenings to bring people back. And from this month, it will be the same. The world comes to him, especially the 20th of each month. “We’re lucky, on the 20th the wine returns to the city center. Casually, it brings us a lot of people, since people go to relax there and end up prolonging their evening by coming to 2“.

Nevertheless, the skipper has equipped himself as he should for this new season. At the bar, servers will now be equipped with five “alcohol guns”. This Monday afternoon, there was only a vulgar sweep to pass before welcoming the Biterrois this evening.

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