bitten by a dog, a 12-year-old boy seriously injured

This Sunday, April 17, in the afternoon, a 12-year-old child was in the street in the city center of Chambéry (Savoie) when a dog attacked him. This pit bull-like animal got out of a car and bit the boy in the calf.

The man who was with the dog got into his car and fled. He didn’t even take the time to take care of the child who was seriously injured in the calf or to call for help. It was the boy’s parents, who were not present at the time of the attack, who came and took him to Chambéry hospital.

The Chambéry police have opened an investigation for involuntary injuries following this canine attack. This dog which would have escaped from the car this Sunday in Chambéry was neither muzzled nor kept on a leash.

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