Blind dog sees mother for first time after surgery


It’s always better to appreciate what you have than to regret what you don’t have. Dogs are a great way to remember this. They are always attentive, always in the moment.

Olive (the dog) is a perfect example.

People who care for animals with special needs individuals form a special group.


Holly and Bart Emmerson are two such people. They rescued a black cocker spaniel they found in Los Angeles. The couple adopted the dog and asked a friend to fly the pup to Vancouver so he could move into his forever home. They named her Olive, after the street where they found her.

Olive had severe cataracts.

Olive could barely see due to severe cataracts in both eyes. However, that didn’t stop her from being a loving and playful little lady. A vet informed the couple that the cataracts could be removed surgically and they decided to give it a chance.


Anxious about the operation.

Olive’s new owners were nervous about the operation, but excited that Olive could see. When they received a call from the vet telling them that the operation had been successful and that Olive was ready to be picked up, they were very excited.

With Olive now able to see, Holly and Bart took her on a great adventure to see all the sights. She was quite cautious, like anyone with a newly acquired sense of sight. She stopped every time something passed in front of her – it took a long time for this new meaning to take hold!


Olive would sometimes hide behind Holly if there were a lot of people or movement.

However, she eventually adapted and felt comfortable in the world around her.

It must have been quite an experience for little Olive. After being out of sight for so long, having him suddenly around would have been a bit of a shock. Luckily for her, Holly and Bart are very understanding canine parents and were there to help her on her journey.


Olive Waterfalls are back. UnfortunatelyOlive’s cataract returned, and after a few weeks she couldn’t see.

To make Olive more comfortable, doctors recommended removing her eyes. That would mean she could never see again. Holly and Bart decided to go ahead with surgery.


Howeverwhat should reassure us about the end of this story is that the removal of her eyes did not prevent Olive from being a happy and playful dog.

Holly says Olive didn’t seem to care at all and continued to be the sweet, loving dog they were so happy to welcome into their family.

Watch the dog lay eyes on its mother for the first time in the video below!

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