BNA and AMI ASSURANCES: “Official Partners” of the Riyeda 2022 entrepreneurship fair.

On the occasion of the 9th edition of the Riyeda 2022 entrepreneurship fair, the BNA and AMI Assurances have marked an active participation in this event whose theme is access to new markets for SMEs and Startups, on March 15 and 16, 2022 at the City of the Culture of Tunis.

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The main objective of this participation is to encourage new ideas and innovative business projects, to reveal new entrepreneurial talents, to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, to support regional development and to support initiatives to create employment; a noble commitment to which the BNA and AMI Assurances join and adhere with great will and optimism.

“The BNA asserts through this commitment values ​​of responsibility and support and thus contributes to economic recovery and social equity: Each additional point of growth, each new space conquered by the sectors of agriculture, services, industry and trade is one more point for employment and regional development”, declares Mr Mondher LAKHAL, the Director General of the BNA

Riyeda 2022 brought together more than 10,000 project leaders who were supported during the two days of the event by public and private sector actors, academics, financiers and experts from different fields; a real opportunity for the accompaniment and support of startups and young entrepreneurs.

“Having reached the peak of its maturity and strengthened by this new alliance with the BNA, AMI Assurances wants to be a major player in bancassurance dedicated to the business market, in particular, SMEs and young entrepreneurs, and is further enriching its risk coverage offer. professionals from the start-up and launch phase of startups; Our vision is to create, with the necessary efficiency, new wealth, jobs and value”, specifies Mr Skander NAIJA, the Managing Director of the company AMI Assurances.

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