Boissy-Fresnoy wild animal care center robbed

This care center is dedicated to the care of wild animals. Credit: Picardie Faune Sauvage – Facebook.

The center for collecting and caring for wild animals in Boissy-Fresnoy was robbed on Thursday, March 31, in broad daylight. The criminals did not content themselves with stealing equipment essential to the proper functioning of the centre. They also damaged the premises, breaking doors and equipment here and there. The animals were not released but underwent stressful situations, prejudicial to their convalescence.

A center run by volunteers

This center, dedicated to the care of wild animals, is managed exclusively by volunteers who were accustomed to the discovery of misdeeds. “We have to deal with unforeseen repair expenses and are seriously considering surveillance cameras and an alarm system” announced disgusted, Christophe Rousseau, director of the center. Salomé Caillet, manager of the center, lamented: “We really didn’t need that, we are a very young association with very few resources.” A complaint was lodged with the gendarmerie of Nanteuil-le-Haudouin.

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