Bordeaux lawyers file a complaint for illegal taking of interests

During the summer, with more or less success and before the reversal of the ministry which finally granted them provisional approval, the failed schools appealed to the administrative courts.

Their arguments for the suspension of the execution of the decision of July 22 insisted on the disorganization of the new school year to come when the students were already registered, on the financial damage caused to the school, on the tarnished reputation of the establishment after a withdrawal of approval or on “serious doubt” as to the regularity of the composition of the national advisory committee for approval.

A criminal complaint

In Bordeaux, two lawyers, Mes Clément Germain and Louise Durin, go further by investing in the criminal field. At the request of the Institute of Osteopathy of Bordeaux, the College of Osteopathy of the Basque Country, the Higher Institute of Osteopathy of Greater Montpellier and the Private Campus of Alsace, they filed a complaint for illegal taking of interests with the public prosecutor of Paris.

“We are not seeking to put the reform on trial, but serious and compromising elements have been brought to our attention and are likely to taint the regularity of approval decisions”, pleads Me Louise Durin. “CCNA members are appointed for five years. They cannot have any direct or indirect link of interest with a training establishment”, ask Mes Germain and Durin.

The complaint is against X but is clearly aimed at Philippe Sterlingot, member and rapporteur of the national consultative commission for accreditation. Practitioner in Nantes, he is also president of the French Syndicate of Osteopaths (SFDO), president of the Unit for Osteopathy, a federation which works in particular on the certification of training establishments, and member of the board of directors of the Osteopathic international alliance.

“A gag procedure”

“In his public declaration of interests, he also admits to being a teacher in at least eight osteopathic training schools! Even if he deported himself on certain school files where he intervenes, but not on others concerning competitors, he should not be able to participate in this kind of commission “, are surprised the Bordeaux lawyers who see there an obvious situation of conflict of interest.

The interested party, already targeted by a complaint of the same type in Nice, denounces “a gag procedure to silence those who embarrass because they know the applicable rules”. Philippe Sterlingot knows what he is talking about since in 2014, he participated in the drafting of new criteria for theoretical and clinical teaching or recruitment. “Only professionals can go to this type of commission,” he argues.

“Yes, I give lessons, in reality 16 hours of law per year, in eight schools”, justifies Philippe Sterlingot. “But I was ultra-transparent about it. 4 p.m.… Yes, these schools have had their approval renewed, but I am not going to give lessons in training centers that do not meet the criteria! »

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