Bordeaux: two friends will open the first cat bar to adopt in the city

Marc and Pierrette are going to open their cat bar in June: Les Ronrons des Chartrons.
Marc and Pierrette are going to open their cat bar for adoption in June: Les Ronrons des Chartrons. (©The Ronrons des Chartrons)

To BordeauxMarc and Pierrette, two in their thirties, will open in June 2022 a cat bar to adopt. A first in Bordeaux. Located on the quai de Bacalan, Les Ronrons des Chartrons will welcome between five and seven cats, ready to be picked up.

On site, customers can enjoy coffee, tea and bubble tea with homemade cakes vegan or vegetarians and gluten free, while stroking cats. If they wish, they can adopt one.

50m2 playground

“We are in partnership with the Vénus animal protection and defense association. They give us the cats as long as we need, until they are chosen”, explains Marc.

On site, in this 50 m room2, the cats will have complete freedom. Cat trees, footbridges, wall platforms, they will even have a room isolated from customers if they wish to rest in peace.

If the bosses will not manage the adoption process, they make it a point of honor to ensure that the cats present are also cats which, in a traditional environment, are hard to adopt. “We think of black cats who, always out of superstition, are rejected or cats who are old, for example. »

Installed 16 quai de Bacalan, the front of the bar was created this Tuesday, May 17, 2022.
At 16 quai de Bacalan, the front of the bar was created this Tuesday, May 17, 2022. (©The Ronrons des Chartrons)

The managers will not receive any money when adopting cats. They will live off the bar receipts.

At Ronrons des Chartrons, an average basket (a drink plus a slice of cake) will cost 10 euros. Consumers will also be able to buy croque-monsieur, salads, soups, quiches… “We will choose the recipes according to the season”, confides the co-founder.

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Inside, the decoration will be “like at grandma’s”. “That is to say warm, with pastel colors and floral motifs. However with a few modern twists”, describes Marc.

A desire for change

At the origin of the project, Pierrette. At the start of the first confinement in 2020, Pierrette and her husband, a partner in the company, Jolan, lived in Lyon. Foster family of cats and animal lovers, they have been welcoming cats into their home for several years. At that time, Pierrette was working as an accountant in a video game company. A sudden desire came to him to move and radically change his life.

The lovers left in search of new experiences. For this project, they were inspired by their favorite café “Au bonheur des chats”, located in the city of Lyon. A cat bar to adopt. Pierrette then proposes to her childhood friend Marc, a Bordelais, to be part of the adventure. Banco for the latter, education assistant at the time.

Opening scheduled for mid-June

After numerous and long negotiations with landlords and banks, skeptical of such a project for hygiene reasons, Les Ronrons des Chartrons should open the second week of June, if the work is finished on time.

“In the future, we would also like to be able to organize events, such as small concerts, therapeutic workshops, knitting workshops…”, concludes the 30-year-old.

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