Boss, the little mine clearance dog became a national hero in Ukraine by spotting nearly 90 bombs

There are not only soldiers on the front in Ukraine. Example with Patron (“Cartouche” in French), a small Jack Russel specialized in the detection of explosives. A full member of a Chernihiv demining team, he crisscrossed the territories deserted by the Russian army in search of mines scattered on Ukrainian territory.

And Boss has flair! Since the beginning of the war, he would have already spotted “nearly 90 dead machines” according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations (DSNS). Mines which could then be neutralized by specialized teams.

“Great heroes are not necessarily great. Our brave furry patron has inspired an incredible number of talented artists. Patron expresses his gratitude to all”, paid tribute to him the DSNS on its Facebook page.

That was all it took to make Patron an Internet star. The animal has become a real mascot throughout the country, and official publications regularly praise its exploits. Drawings in his likeness, video of his interventions… the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations even opened an Instagram account for him to tell about Patron’s adventures on the front. An account that brings together nearly 50,000 subscribers.

We see the deminer on all fours sniffing bombs in intervention gear, posing proudly above a pile of rockets or resting in the barracks.

Images of Patron in action

In exchange for his loyal service, Patron is rewarded with food each time he unearths a mine. Especially cheese, his little indulgence.

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