Bouches-du-Rhône: a herd of pigs squats in a commercial area

Dor several years now, users of the commercial area of ​​Marignane have lived alongside surprising occupants. Black pigs, herding here and there, regularly crossing the road. As reported by our colleagues from 20 minutessome local residents have even got into the habit of coming to feed this group of animals probably abandoned here by man.

But if some traders have fun and rejoice in the presence of these pigs, a real attraction for the commercial area, others do not appreciate this proximity. A coachbuilder, for example, is the direct neighbor of a green space belonging to the town hall and which has become their vacation spot. “I decided to go and throw food for them in the woods, and I installed a water point at the corner of my company,” he explains, hoping to encourage them to live in wood. But nothing helps. “There are now about 200 pigs,” he estimates. In order for the population to stop growing, the coachbuilder has signed an agreement with the town hall: he feeds them, the town hall ensures that they are sterilized.

The Bardot Foundation intervenes

But the proliferation is progressing. In 2020, 57 males were castrated thanks to the intervention of the Brigitte-Bardot foundation, which deplores despite everything having been alerted “very late”. “It becomes problematic, by the number of animals, and the fact that we are in a very busy area, says a spokesperson. These wandering pigs are at risk of causing accidents. In these cases, it is the mayor who is directly targeted. We must not tell ourselves that we must let nature take its course, because when the mayor is no longer able to manage the situation, it will be slaughter. »

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The foundation is ready to support the castration of all the pigs in the area, an envelope of 20,000 euros. “But for that, we would have to be able to count on the help of municipal agents who will help to handle the animals and bring them to a place, details the same spokesperson. Mr. Domert (the coachbuilder) is a little too alone to manage a situation that is totally beyond him. ” According to 20 minutesthe town hall considers that the coachbuilder is now “owner and therefore responsible for these pigs” and asks the Brigitte-Bardot foundation to officially adopt them, which it considers impossible.

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