Brittany: who shot these two dogs at point-blank range?

Motilated and handicapped, Aska now sees his masters with the eyes of the heart.
Mutilated and handicapped, Aska now sees his masters with the eyes of the heart. ©The Independent Courier

Arnaud and Josephine24, arrived at Laurenanin the Cotes-d’Armorat the beginning of April 2022. Owners of a character house which they are carefully renovating, they are living happy days in the countryside.

Parents of a little girl, two companion dogs complete their lovely family: Daenerys (reference to Game of Thrones), female white Swiss shepherd, 5 years old, and Aska, Czechoslovakian wolf, one and a half year old male. Over the weeks, they forge links with the inhabitants.

We know everyone here! We will regularly have coffee with each other. Our dogs used to go say hello to the neighbors from time to time, but they came back after a few minutes. They were identified and very sociable.

Arnaud and Josephine, owners of Aska and Daenerys
Happiness time in Laurenan for Daenerys and Aska.
Happiness time for Daenerys and Aska. ©The Independent Courier

Disappearance at the end of June

However, on June 30, 2022, around 2 p.m., no sign of the two animals. “We call them and they don’t come back,” note the new Laureneans.

This absence being unusual, Arnaud and Joséphine announce it on social networks. With their neighbors, they begin research for six days.

We bought a drone, went door to door, put up posters in all the shops and places frequented within a radius of 20 km. We started the search at daybreak and stopped after dark. We have tried everything!

Arnaud and Josephine, owners of Aska and Daenerys

And they were helped: “Breaks were organized. People came to support us and participate in the research after their work,” says Arnaud, moved.

Joséphine supports: “I participated in the research with my baby in a sling. Sonia, city councilor, supported me morally and physically. We were almost unable to eat during these six days so much we had anxieties. I would come home to take care of our little girl, then I would leave with her. We looked for our dogs relentlessly, in the embankments, the moors, the sheds, everywhere. »

Finally, on Sunday, July 3, 2022, around 8 p.m., a farmer contacts the couplereporting that he has found Aska.

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A point-blank shot of lead

As the two protagonists tell the story, Josephine looks at the photos of her two dogs playing together. Emotion wins her over. The tears flow.

When we found Aska, he had a bloody head. He was haggard, disoriented since he had also taken pellets in his eyes.

Josephine, owner of Aska

The couple suspects a cat or fox attack. But Arnaud indicates: “Dr Bourgeon, veterinary at Merdrignacput the sinkers prominently with a radio. So, Aska became blind because of a deliberate act.

Arnaud and Josephine with Aska a happiness veiled by the shadow of Daenerys
Arnaud and Josephine with Aska: a happiness veiled by the shadow of Daenerys. And Aska’s eyes. ©The Independent Courier

Further on, Arnaud, with his friend Camille, a forester, discovers the dog’s lifeless body. Daenerys had presumably been dead for three days.

The worms were already active. It was horrible. Coat was hanging from the brambles of a small thicket and the traces suggest that his body, after having been shot, was dragged for about thirty meters, then hidden in the bramble.

Arnaud, owner of Daenerys

Daenerys is then taken to the same specialist who reveals the causes of her death: a point-blank lead shot in the heart and lungs. “How can we do this? »

Not the first case

Arnaud and Joséphine are aware of being a link in a situation that has been brewing for a long time: “The population has supported us because this is not the first time that pets have been slaughtered in the area, dogs and cats. The people did not follow up because of the costs incurred. And some riders also prefer to avoid the area. Several people have told us that they have bought a GPS collar for their dog. We hope that the investigation will succeed so that this sector can find peace. »

A cruel and illegal act

A investigation is currently underway, led by the Merdrignac brigade (Côtes-d’Armor). “We want the culprit to be identified. We want a trial so that Aska’s medical expenses and treatment are borne by the perpetrator, as well as Daenerys’ funeral expenses, “said the couple.

Pascal Rouxel, mayor of Laurenan, met Arnaud and Joséphine to support them in these painful times.

Killing pet dogs is lamentable! I myself have two big dogs. We love our animals. We are in the countryside and we live well there. I want the culprit to be identified and punished by law.

Pascal Rouxel, Mayor of Laurenan

This caliber of small pellets is strictly prohibited by the legislation on large animals, all the more so on pets.

The world of hunters shocked

The president of the hunting society of Laurenan, Cédric Leray, declares: “We cannot condone such an act. We fight every day to remember and maintain the security rules. We agree to exclude the person if it turns out that he is a hunter. »

Yvon Méhauté, departmental president of the Federation of Hunters, supports: “This act is unacceptable. We are in the process of setting up the SIA (weapons computerization system) so that hunters are identified by weapons that they own. Its purpose is to strengthen everyone’s safety, awareness and responsibility. It will be generalized in 2023. We are awaiting the result of the gendarmerie investigation and we will be a civil party if it is a hunter. »

A leetchi pot has been created to support Aska:

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