Brokerage: opens its capital to all

The logo of the comparator and broker is launching a participatory fundraiser. By opening up its capital to its customers, partners and individuals, the health insurance comparator for expatriates hopes to raise at least 250,000 euros.

The comparator will launch from March 29, 2022 a participatory opening of its capital through which it wishes to raise at least 250,000 euros. This approach, initiated via Kriptown, a financing platform for start-ups and SMEs, should allow customers, partners and any other individual to participate from 1 euro over a limited period of 3 weeks.

“In concrete terms, each new investor will hold tokens in exchange for their contribution, which will allow them to join the adventure and access the secondary market, but also to participate in referendums on the life of the company. and on certain operational decisions (country deployment, etc.) and to benefit from reductions and financial advantages”can we read in a press release. (1M euros in premiums at the end of 2021) which had raised a first round of 1.5M euros at the end of 2020, had been working for several months on a new funding round as we explained in our columns at the end of ‘last year. This operation should thus enable it to recruit new ambassadors in the different countries it wishes to address, to carry out IT developments (App / blockchain technology / etc.) and to strengthen its SEA marketing campaigns.

“In 18 months, we have experienced more than encouraging growth. Our projects are multiplying, the teams are expanding day by day and the achievement of our objectives is accelerating. Sharing our enthusiasm and our success was important to us, with this fundraiser on Kriptown it is yet another step that we are taking in this process »explains Jean-Christophe Pandolfi, founder and managing director of

Accurafy4, the historical investor and partner of the comparator, continues to financially support the growth of by sponsoring this fundraiser.

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