Brossac: they save four kittens thrown in the trash

“We were clearing brush when, around 9:30 a.m., we seemed to hear meowing”, say Benoît and Régis. Lifting the lid, it was not an adult cat prisoner that they found, but a garbage bag containing the four babies. The employees delivered them and installed them in a box.

The four kittens owe their lives to Régis and Benoît who discovered them in a garbage bag.

Jean-Yves Delage

Two deputy mayors of Brossac have been notified. Serge Soulard, one of them called the Syndicat mixte de la fourrière. A person in charge of the Angoumois pound came to take care of the baby cats. The shelter has nursing cats, they will be able to feed them.

“This possible cruelty of human beings revolts me”, supports Jean-Pierre Charbonnier, first deputy mayor of Brossac, who, failing to be able to find who threw the kittens in the trash, wants to denounce the irresponsible behavior of the perpetrator.

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