“Brux-ils Brux-elles”: A place for dogs in town


Brussels will soon impose leashes on the paths of the Soignes forest, as is already the case in Wallonia and Flanders. A decision which raises the question of canine equipment on the territory of Brussels.

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Brussells: take note for walkers, dogs will soon have to be kept on a leash everywhere in the Soignes forest. An info from Evening which, barely tweeted, on a Friday evening in February, releases a flood of reactions. Contrasted. Counters (selected, moderate pieces) “Day of m…”, “It’s fed up”, “ridiculous”, “how sad”. Pros (anthology, weighted). “In principle, you never let a dog go in the forest, it seems obvious”, “understandable”, “finally”. Implicitly, the conflicts of use in the green lung of the capital: latent before the pandemic, exacerbated by health measures, which pushed many Brussels residents into the forest massif.

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