bugged lawyer calls for real investigation

For the investigators who worked in 2014 on an assassination attempt in the Sartène region (Corse-du-sud), she was never a lawyer in this case. Just a “friendly relationship” of one of the suspects, whom she had nevertheless assisted in police custody. As such, his conversations with him, a restorer named Humbert Danti, were listened to and transcribed into the minutes. Innocuous exchanges, but protected, in principle, by the secrecy of correspondence between a client and his lawyer. But such was not the case.

Seven years later, the Ajaccian lawyer is still fighting to have the justice system recognized as guilty of an offense by not respecting the confidentiality of these professional exchanges. The Court of Cassation must examine, this Tuesday, June 29, a request for legitimate suspicion filed by his counsel, so that the investigation into the violation of his correspondence is entrusted to a new investigating judge. They believe that the magistrate of the court of Ajaccio currently seized could not carry out the investigation in all impartiality. The Attorney General of Bastia simultaneously seized the Court of Cassation to request, too, the change of scenery of the investigation.


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