Bulldog Recovers After Living On The Street With Very Severe Mange

Bulldog: It’s amazing that some people can just give up on their pets. Especially when it comes to small breeds, which obviously cannot survive on their own. This is the story of Pumpkin, a little bulldog who, for reasons still unknown, found himself very sick in the street.

Fortunately, the association Slaughterhouse Survivors heard about this poor dog and immediately came to his rescue.


When they saw him, their first impression was that he probably wouldn’t survive. However, they would do everything in their power to save him and the first thing they did was take him to the vet immediately, who confirmed their impression.

After his exam, she concluded that she would not have lasted another day on the streets and that due to the lack of hair, her body temperature was so low that even the thermometer could not take it. But that didn’t matter, so they started giving antibiotics, painkillers, and intravenous fluids to start healing her body.


Bulldog: That was all they could do at the time.

Another issue they had to deal with was her state of mind, as being rescued didn’t lift her spirits, she was clearly very traumatised. Then everything started to get better, his temperature rose and his coat started to grow. He also overcame the flu and, as if that weren’t enough, he had to have eye surgery.


His life was difficult until then, but the worst was over as he ate more and received lots of love from his caregivers. Even better, they managed to find him a family, in California. Pumpkin now lives with them and occasionally goes to the beach.

His name is Kennedy now, but that doesn’t matter, his energy is wonderful and he’s living the life he’s always deserved. Leaving the past as a sad, but ultimately simple memory. By all accounts, he’s still close to his caregiver’s legs, eats peanut butter on occasion, no longer has skin issues, and is very playful.


Moreover, he is not only surrounded by humans, in his new house there is a little dog who is now his brother and with whom he still plays. Hopefully other strays will have the same luck as Kennedy and find a warm and loving home.

You can watch a video below where you can see Kennedy in all her transformation for the better:

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