Called to save 5 kittens, the rescuers have a stroke of stress when they arrive on site (Video) – Rescue

Called to save 5 kittens

With the help of the Cluses SPA, a family of cats was rescued after many efforts.

Not long ago, the Cluses SPA was called in by the owners of a local who had found a cat and her five kittens. Once there, the rescuers decide to take care of the mother cat first while the kittens are in a box. But it turns out to be more complex than expected and the cat moves her young.

lost kittens

A few days later, the mother cat is still not caught and three kittens are now nowhere to be found. Stress shot. After an hour of searching, the kittens are still not found. It is at the moment of leaving that mewings are heard. The kittens are in the wall.

The owners then accept that everything is tried to save the three kittens. It will take a good two hours to get the kittens back. All kittens are brought to safety to prevent the situation from happening again. The next day, the cat joins her young. The whole little family is now safe with a foster family who will take good care of everyone.

Kitten rescue video

The kittens are not available for adoption at this time.

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